Welcome to K-Town!

This is going to be a low powered game focused on having fun and creative play. The plan is to use the standard SR4A rules, though we might be rewriting the Matrix Rules.

The Rules for Character Creation are that you have 300 BP for character creation with extra BP to be used for contacts equal to 2*Charisma. The maximum availability for any piece of gear is 8; restricted and forbidden gear don’t matter at character creation.

Steps for making a character for this game!

  1. Make an account and make sure that you are listed as a player for his game.
  2. Get a character concept in your head. Remember, this is a low powered game, so you character won’t be McBadass at start. Please also try to not make you character good only at one thing. Make a multi-purpose tool, not a pocket knife.
  3. Make the character! The stipulations are above and I will post a link to a character builder program that has the setting already set in them soon.
  4. Send me the program used to make the character (with your character in it) so I can proof-check it. At the same time, post your character to the wiki. Follow the format that you see for the NPC Goldie. I made him as a standard for you to use.
  5. Make sure that you post a picture on your wiki page. It doesn’t have to look exactly like your character would; just use it to highlight a key concept or two of your character. It’s best if we can all have some image of what a character looks like, even if it is only a caricature.
  6. Have fun!

Shadows of K-Town