"Goldie" AKA Desmond Harris

Fixer, Retired Runner


Name: Desmond Harris
Streetname: “Goldie”
Metatype: Elf
Sex: Male
Age: 43
Occupation: Fixer, Ex-Runner

Street Cred: 3
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 1

BOD: 3
AGI: 2
REA: 3 [ 4]
STR: 3
CHA: 6
INT: 4
LOG: 2
EDG: 2

Init: 8
Init Passes: 2
Essence: 2.650/6


  • Close Combat 1
  • Automatics 2
  • Influence 4
  • Perception 3
  • Longarms 1

Knowledge Skills

  • English N
  • Spanish 3
  • CAS Gangs 4
  • Mafia 2
  • Corporate Politics 2
  • Popular Culture 3
  • Sports 2
  • Shadowrunning 4

Positive Qualities

  • Outdoorsman

Negative Qualities

  • Combat Paralysis
  • Big Regret
  • SINner (standard)


  1. Jonas Quint – Wharftown Bartender L3 C2
  2. Thomas Bradley – Smithfield Bartender L3 C2
  3. Mick Dudley – K-Town Police Officer L2 C3
  4. Deandre Jones – Riverside Club Owner L3 C1
  5. Wordsmith – Fixer L2 C4
  6. Sean Finnigan – Dockworker L1 C1
  7. Tim Taylor – Mechanic L1 C1
  8. Mr. “Magic” Johnson – Mr. Johnson L2 C4
  9. Malcolm Reyes – Black Blades Gang Member L1 C2
  10. Rajith Patel – Taxi Driver L3 C1
  11. Derek Shimizu – White Fangs Gang Member L1 C2


  • Wired Reflexes 1
  • Single Cybereye r3 (Vision Mag r2, Smartlink, Flare Compensation)
  • Cyberears r2 (Audio Enhancer r3, Select Sound Filter r5)
  • Modular Obvious Lower Arm (Shock Hand, small smuggling compartment, Armor r2)
  • Grapple Hand Lower Arm

Total Armor [10/5]

  • Actioneer Business clothes [5/3] (Fire Resistant r3)
  • Form Fitting Body Armor Shirt [3/0] (Non-conductivity r3, Chemical Protection r3)
  • Docwagon Basic Contract (12 Months)
  • Middle Lifestyle (3 Months@4400Y) (Comforts 3, Entertainment 3, Necessities 3, Neighborhood 2, Security 4; Crash Pad)
  • 2x Ceramic Knife [3P; 0 Reach]
  • 200x Regular Ammo
  • 10x Spare Magazines
  • Autopicker r3
  • Sequencer r3
  • Medkit r6
  • Ares Crusader [Machine Pistol; SA/BF; 4P AP 0; +2 Conceal; RC: 4] (Gas vents 2, melee hardening, smartgun, personalized grip, underbarrel weight)
  • Remington 990 [Shotgun; SA; 7P[9P(f)} AP -1[+5]; +5 Conceal; RC: 3] (Imaging scope, rigid stock w/shock pad, barrel reduction, heavy barrel, underbarrel weight)
  • Daiatsu-Caterpillar Horseman [Body 4, Handling 1, Accel 8/16, Speed 64, Pilot 1, Sensor 1, Armor 8] (Run Flat Tires, Smuggling Comparment)
  • Renraku Sensai Commlink w/ Renraku Ichi OS [2/4/2/2]
  • Generic Agent r2
  • Armor 2, Decrypt 2, Exploit 2, Medic 2, Nuke 2, Stealth 2, Track 2
  • Analyze 2, Browse 2, Command 2, Edit 2, Encrypt 2, Scan 2

Physical Description

From afar, Goldie doesn’t look too shabby. His Elven features make him a fairly pretty man with fair skin, platinum hair, crystal blue eyes, pointed ears and a sharp chin and nose. Goldie’s got the thin elf build, but not so thin as to look starved. He’s dressed in a decent business suit, probably reclined at a table drinking bourbon like he owns the bar you’re meeting him at. But then you see the glint of his right cyberhand as it draws back the curtain of platinum hair that covers the twisted pink scar that covers the right half of his face and hooks it behind his right cyberear. You know that he sees you approaching because you see the red iris of his oversized golden cybereye focused on you. As you take your seat, you can see that his suit has has many stitches and a few patches.

“Let’s get down to business,” says Goldie’s lilting voice, a voice that’s been down this road before.

Character History

Desmond Harris was a country boy, spending his younger days in the backwoods of Alabama. After his Pa lost the deeds to the farm in some paperwork fiasco after the Crash of ‘29, the family moved to Birmingham. Not wanting a job working in the iron foundries, Desmond sought alternative employment. He ended up working as a salesman for a small company that serviced TT-Tech due to his good methods of talking with people. This job drew him to K-Town where he starting trying to live the good life. However, when TT-Tech bought the company he worked for, he was released from duty. Unable to sustain his lifestyle, he found some friends that took on jobs and Desmond ran the shadows under the moniker “Plat”. A few years back though, his team got a bad job and his fancy life came to an end. He doesn’t talk about the incident much, but that’s how he got those scars and needed the cyberware. He lives a simpler life now, taking a new street name and using the contacts he made as a runner to help those still in the shadows.


Growing up in the back woods of Alabama left Goldie with some skills he never lost. He’s a city boy now and doesn’t have the survival skills he once had as a youth, but he doesn’t feel lost in the woods, either.

Combat Paralysis
Goldie was never one to like fighting, he always like to jab with his words. However, PTSD from the incident that ended his shadow running career makes him freeze a bit if shots start getting fired.

SINner (standard)
Born in the rural parts of Alabama, Goldie is a citizen of the CAS and has a SIN to prove it.

Big Regret
The incident that cost Goldie half of his arm and face is probably the biggest regret of his life. He knew the job sounded a bit fishy from the outset, but no one could have expected one of the party to sell out the group. The street samurai in their group had a bounty on his head and the rigger sold out the group. They say that afterwords that Goldie tracked down the rigger and took an eye for an eye…


  1. Jonas Quint: Wharftown Bartender
    Jonas runs a bar called Serpentine in Wharftown. It’s a about as nice as a bar gets in the slums. It has a wide selection of Synthahol and is kept pretty clean. Jonas is a contact of Goldie’s since his runner days, sometimes slipping and calling him Plat.
  2. Thomas Bradley: Smithfield Bartender
    Tom is a fairly new bartender, a bright young ork who wants to escape the slums some day. He tends bar at The Cavalier, trying to save enough money to go to school. Goldie has given him plenty of advice and some nuyen, so Tom is always eager and ready to serve.
  3. Mick Dudley: K-Town Police Officer
    One key to not falling afoul of the law is to know a cop. Many times Goldie has used Mick to get people through the gates or to not have them thrown out of the nicer parts of town. Mick isn’t truly a corrupt cop, so you can’t expect him to let you get away with murder, but some extra padding in his pocket lets him have a little mercy in his heart for street rats and scum.
  4. Deandre Jones: Riverside Club Owner
    Jones and Goldie go back to before Goldie hit the shadows. Jones runs the The Mounting Stallion, one of the wildest clubs in K-Town. For years, Goldie was one of his favored customers. Since he no longer makes large money, Goldie can’t visit the Stallion as much as he’d like, but he still visits enough for the owner to call him friend.
  5. Wordsmith: Fixer
    Wordsmith is a fixer from Goldie’s days as a runner and still an ally that Goldie, a fixer himself, calls upon when necessary. Wordsmith is often wary of helping Goldie too much, so as not to loose to much business, but will help when it won’t hurt his own business.
  6. Sean Finnigan – Dockworker
    Most official trade enters K-Town on the West Bank of the Alabama, but plenty of other trade comes to the east bank at Wharftown. Goldie helped Sean deal with some troublesome cargo a few years back, so Sean tries to repay the favor when he can. Sean manages a few piers and keeps his eyes on the ship that travel the river.
  7. Tim Taylor – Mechanic
    Tool Tim is the best repair shop in Smithfield, if you’d believe Tim Taylor. A self described whiz at anything mechanical, Tim has often helped Goldie “fix security issues” or offload some property.
  8. Mr. “Magic” Johnson: Mr. Johnson
    Any good fixer knows at least one Johnson, and Magic is the one that Goldie knows. He often has pretty legit jobs, so fixers like to get word from him. He doesn’t call himself Magic; it’s a nickname from some in the business. Like most Johnsons, he is pretty anonymous, but if you see an ork Johnson with a large amethyst and gold ring, it’s probably him.
  9. Malcolm Reyes: Black Blades Gang Member
    Malcolm’s mother was a nice Lady that Goldie used to visit. She’s no longer in that business, but Goldie saw a lot of the kid when he was growing up and tries to keep him out of trouble, at least when the kid isn’t acting as his eyes and ears in the gang.
  10. Rajith Patel: Taxi Driver
    Rajith is an Indian Troll who drives a large sized van as a taxi. Sometimes you need ride for you and your friends with a driver who knows not to ask any questions.
  11. Derek Shimizu: White Fangs Gang Member
    It pays to have a snitch inside certain organizations, and Shimizu has a decent sized mouth. Goldie has found it pretty easy to pry his lips open with a good drink, some nuyen, and maybe a nice piece of tech.


Goldie lives in a decent apartment in Middleton. His neighborhood isn’t the best since he lives near the gate and its where a lot of people who are escaping from the slums live, but his place has a bit of extra security on it though. Even with better locks, many of his contacts have a passkey and use his place as a crash pad to lay low. It isn’t glitzy like the places he lived in his prime, but Goldie can take pride in having matching furniture, ‘fresh’ food most days, and a guest bedroom.

"Goldie" AKA Desmond Harris

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