Crystal Plaza

The Crystal Plaza is the heart of downtown K-Town. It is the most luxurious and well maintained part of the city. It contains many high end establishments, such as offices and restaurants, as well as many residential areas along the waterfront of the ox bow lake.

Known Locations

The Crystal Towers
The Crystal Towers are the buildings that give the Plaza its name. These two glass skyscrapers are the tallest building in the city, standing a 89 stories apiece. They serve as the HQ of TT-Tech. The two towers are differentiated by the east tower and the west tower and they connect on every fifth floor by a glass corridor.

The Ares Arena
This massive building is the central concentration of the Ares Corporation within K-Town. It boasts of 4 colosseums stacked vertically within its walls. Each colosseum is always hosting some sporting event, exhibition, technological demonstration, or conference.

The Horizon Center
The basis for Horizon’s power within the city, The Center is the premier place for anyone’s entertainment needs. Any kind of entertainment, live, trideo, or simsense, can be found in its theatres, in addition to play places for children, laser tag, and more, even including an indoor roller coaster! It’s entertainment the entire family can enjoy, if they can afford it! Many new products are used on test audiences in this location.

The NeoNet Building
This vertical mall is filled to the brim with shopping opportunities. Anything with a NeoNet logo can be found here! Just pay mind that your every action is recorded and the security of your commlink might be tested…

Crystal Plaza

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