There are many forces in the city of K-Town that may be willing to hire shadowrunners, or that you might be hired to work against.


TT-Tech is a AA Corporation that does work primarily in the American South. It is a major producer of cotton and tobacco products among other products. It is the primary mover and shaker in K-Town, which is to be expected since it built the city itself.

Known Members:

  • Kevin Baron: CEO of TT-Tech


The Detroit based MegaCorp has its hands in many pies, including K-Town. The Ares Compound in K-Town is the Ares Arena which doubles as a marketplace, entertainment center and research center.


Where there is advertisements, there is Horizon. Horizon runs the Horizon Center in the Crystal Plaza, which is the best place to catch any entertainment from around the world. Horizon works in Conjunction to TT-Tech in producing the MAX-eXtreme Games League.


The NeoNet building in downtown K-Town serves as a skyscraper mall, filled with NeoNet services and products. It is also an outpost in the NeoNet spiderweb of communications.

Molinar Family Mafia

The Molinar Family Mafia is the formal organized crime element in the city. Based out of Northwatch, the Molinar Family extorts the local business to live a life of luxury. It’s forces keep unwanted influences out of the area.

Known Members:

  • Jesus Molinar: Family Head

White Fang Gang, Purple Snakes Chapter

The White Fang Gang spread to the K-Town from the UCAS via the river systems. The White Fang Gang conducts many of its operations in the Midwest of America along the river fronts. It is only natural that the gang spread to the slum of Wharftown as TT-Tech built its city. It has little influence in the city proper, but it is the primary armed force within the slum of Wharftown. It has influence in Northgate, but often clashes with the Mafia over territory disputes. The Purple Snakes often skirmish in and around Middleton with the Sabers of the Black Blades Gang. Their insignia is a purple snake biting it’s tale in an infinity shape flanked by a pair of white fangs.

Known Members:

  • Derek Shimizu: Gang Member

Black Blades Gang, Sabers Chapter

The Black Blades Gang started with Japanophiles in the West, but was picked up by the Southern Gentility as it moved east. Although some members in K-Town style themselves as samurai, many of them style themselves after Civil War Cavalry Officers. They are unrivaled in Smithfield where they make their base and have a strong uncontested influence in Southgate. All members openly display a black bladed sword, usually a saber, about their person. The logo of the gang is a black calvary saber laying above a pair of crossed katanas.

Known Members:

  • Malcolm Reyes: Gang Member


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