The City of K-Town was founded in the summer of 2032 in order to consolidate the power of the corporation TT-Tech after the Crash. K-Town serves as the corporate headquarters for TT-Tech. Situated along the Alabama River, the city was designed as a corporate fortress. All edges of the city not bounded by water are walled. Police patrol the city streets often and keep an eye out for those who don’t look like they belong in the area or are up to no good.

The heart of the city lies on the west side of the Alabama River, nestled between the river and an oxbow lake to west. The heart of the city is an area called Crystal Plaza, nestled into the curve of the oxbow lake. This is the high end area of the city, filled with entertainment and luxuries for the rich and elite. The most notable features of the Crystal Plaza are the two Crystal Towers of TT-Tech, the Ares Dome, the Horizon Center, and the NeoNet Building. Between Crystal Plaza and the River, is an area called Riverside. This strip is for those who are rich, but can’t afford a life of luxury. To the north and south of Crystal Plaza and Riverside are the city districts that border the walls of the city, Northwatch and Southwatch.

Three middle income areas lay across the Alabama River from the heart of the city; they are all walled and none of them connect. Middleton is the largest of the three and is a walled city that lies directly across from Riverside. Middleton connects to Riverside by the Central Bridge. Northgate and Southgate lay across the river from Northwatch and Southwatch and serve more as forts guarding the North Bridge and the South Bridge than as residential areas.

While K-Town was a planned city, the slums that grew on the East Bank of the Alabama weren’t planned in the least. As TT-Tech, in conjunction with Horizon and NeoNet, strove to fill the city, many undesirables and others who couldn’t afford the lifestyle of within the city walls came. Between Middleton and Northgate, the slum of Wharftown rose, fed by those who worked along the river. The slum stretching from the walls of Middleton to Southgate, Smithfield, started as living quarters for construction workers and grew from there as displaced workers had no where else to go.


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