While the Crystal Plaza is the professional center of the city, the true heart of the city is Riverside. This district sits central to the city with the Plaza to the west, Northwatch and Southwatch to the North and South, and Middleton to the east across the Alabama River via the Central Bridge. This area of town was made for those who live a high end lifestyle yet still accessible for those who can only afford to visit. The majority of clubs and restaurants of the city are in this district.

Known Locations

The Mounting Stallion
A club known as the wildest place in the entire city. It’s said that the bartender’s House Special is a cocktail to loosen inhibition and increase libido, and that they often give it to you whether you ask for it or not. If drugs and alcohol weren’t enough, in addition to the latest music, the club broadcasts erotic simsense to its patrons for a fee. Most patrons spend their time on the first floor of the club, but if you get too into the swing of things, the second and third floors are private rooms that you can rent by the hour. Safety is an important concern for having a good time at the Stallion, so if you pass out, the plethora of waiters will escort you to the hostel downstairs where you’ll be placed in bed with a medkit and you’ll be automatically billed with the service fee for the bed and the medical attention.

  • Known Personnel: Deandre Jones (Owner)


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