Smithfield is a slum that grew up on the Alabama River between the walls of Middleton and Southgate. The slum grew from displaced construction workers, so the area has a high concentration of orks and trolls. The slum is a fairly crowded, disorganized jumble of houses and streets. Most people live in a low lifestyle.

Smithfield is under the control of the Sabers Chapter of the Black Blades Gang. Since the slum is outside of the city limit of K-Town, the police don’t bother to go there. Not everyone in the slum is associated with the gang, but people do tread lightly around the gang.

Known Locations

The Cavalier
What was once a barn is now a bar that caters to those who like to celebrate a slice of southern life. A generally dirty place, it does have a good reputation as a place for a good time and an easy hook-up. The real treat is that the bar often has a stock of real alcohol: bourbon and whiskey.

  • Known Personnel: Thomas Bradley (Part Time Bartender)

Tool Tim
A self proclaimed best repair shop in Smithfield, this chop shop takes up what was once several apartments, now fortified into one maintenance bay. In addition to fixing vehicles, the owner might help you deal with “surplus supply” and help fix “security problems” on vehicles.

  • Known Personnel: Tim Taylor (Owner)


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