Wharftown is a slum that grew up on the Alabama River between the walls of Middleton and Northgate. The primary source of income for most of the working population is manual labor on or around the docks. The slum is a fairly crowded, disorganized jumble of houses and streets. Most people live in a low lifestyle.

Wharftown is under the control of the Purple Snakes Chapter of the White Fangs Gang. Since the slum is outside of the city limit of K-Town, the police don’t bother to go there. Not everyone in the slum is associated with the gang, but people do tread lightly around the gang.

Known Locations

The Serpentine
A tidy bar for being in the slums, The Serpentine is about the most classy joint in the area. It’s got a good selection of Synthahol and it’s plastic leather chairs can be quite comfy. It’s owner has a specialty drink called “The Serpent” and its said that the drink wiggles as it goes down your throat.

  • Known Personnel: Jonas Quint (Owner and Bartender)


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